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Mold & Air Quality Testing

Lab certified mold spore air testing and mold swabs. Servicing Northern Virginia and greater Maryland.

Toxic Mold Found in Home: Family Told To Leave

Our limited-time special includes...

  • Professional air quality testing with samples sent to a certified laboratory.
  • A detailed lab report detailing the various mold species found, level of toxicity, and spore air density.
  • We use a high quality air pump for the most accurate mold spore testing.
  • We open up your furnace to inspect for hidden black molds growing in the air conditioning ducts.
  • Our moisture intrusion inspection is done by a licensed home inspector who find the sources of moisture/water that feeds mold growth.
  • A professional consultation on mold remediation and moisture reduction strategies.

Certified Lab Testing

At Insight Inspections, we only use certified AHIA laboratories for our mold air samples. 

The certified lab will analyze the mold spores in a systematic process to identify and quantify the types and concentrations of mold present in a given sample.

The first step is sample collection, which can be done using various methods such as air sampling or surface swabs. Air sampling requires at least one outdoor control sample and two indoor tests in the area of the suspected source of mold contamination. 

Once the samples are collected, they are transported to the laboratory under controlled conditions to prevent contamination.

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Mold Is Usually Hidden

You may suspect hidden mold if the occupants are reporting health issues or there is a musty odor or history of water intrusion.

Mold may be hidden in places such as the back side of drywall, wallpaper, or paneling, the top side of ceiling tiles, the underside of carpets and pads. Other areas can be behind walls or above ceiling tiles where moisture has occurred or around windows and inside ductwork.

There are many places for mold to “hide” and only a trained inspector with the proper equipment can find these hiding places.

At Insight Inspections, we use moisture meters, infrared cameras, and mold air sampling to determine the amount of mold contamination and the source of the outbreak.

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