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Commercial Building Inspections

Insight Inspections is the leading inspection and environmental services firm servicing VA, MD & DC. We have experience reviewing various different types, sizes, and ages of facilities, including:

  • Embassies

  • Office buildings

  • Warehouse spaces

  • Apartment buildings

  • Hotels

why inspect

Protecting your biggest assets

A property condition inspection can reduce building costs and liability. 

Sophisticated investors are becoming aware of the importance of performing a detailed, specialized inspection of commercial & industrial properties, often referred to as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA). 

With the hefty cost and liability of owning commercial real estate, investors need to obtain specific information about the physical, mechanical and environmental condition of the building they are about to purchase or lease.


commercial inspection

Components of a Property Condition Inspection

1. Document Review and Interviews

Structure & Site will request and review documents pertaining to the original build, previous repairs, building upgrades and additions, documented physical deficiencies and other relevant information concerning the overall condition of the building or property and will be included in the Property Condition Report (PCR). Interviews of persons knowledgeable of the building and/or its history will be conducted when made available.

2. On-Site Review

The on-site review allows us to physically inspect the buildings structures, systems and components. Our analysis will identify visible physical deficiencies as well as positive attributes of the building. Testing of mechanical, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, fixtures and equipment will also be conducted during the review process.

3. Costs to Cure Physical Defects

It is important for a building owner to understand the costs associated with immediate and deferred expenses of the property. A detailed, approximated cost analysis for the remedy of physical deficiencies found at the property will be included within the PCR for immediate needs and 5 year reserves.

4. Property Condition Report

A comprehensive report will be presented detailing each facet of the building. Many photographs will be inclusive to the individual sections of the PCR including: property & grounds, building exterior, pavement, roofing, electrical, HVAC equipment, interior, life safety, ADA and plumbing. The report is designed to provide swift access and readability of the relevant information of the property.