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Home Inspection Arlington, VA (Licensed Inspector Services)

Considering a home in Arlington, VA?

Before you make a decision, it’s crucial to get a home inspection to ensure you’re making a wise investment. A home inspection is like a health check for your house, and it covers everything from the roof to the basement.

At Insight Inspections, we leave no stone unturned. Our team in Arlington, VA, checks the exterior, making sure siding and walls are in good shape, the roof is secure, and paths are safe. Inside, we assess doors, windows, flooring, walls, and more. We dig into the nitty-gritty, inspecting the plumbing, electrical systems, and appliances. Safety is a top priority—we verify smoke detectors and look out for potential hazards.

What Are Home Inspectors Cover For Arlington, VA Properties?

At Insight Inspections, our comprehensive home inspection covers every critical aspect of your potential property. Here’s a breakdown of the categories we meticulously assess:

  • Exterior Inspection:
    • Siding and exterior wall condition
    • Roof integrity, including trim and flashing
    • Walkways, driveways, and paths scrutiny
    • Functionality of windows and doors
    • Landscape and water drainage assessment
  • HVAC System Scrutiny:
    • Evaluation of heating system functionality
    • Examination of the cooling system, including the AC unit
    • Comprehensive assessment of the overall HVAC system operations
  • Foundation and Structural Analysis:
    • Analysis of foundation and slab condition
    • Integrity check for structural wood
    • Identification of signs indicating foundation shifts or damage
    • Examination of basements and crawl spaces
  • Electrical System Assessment:
    • Functionality assessment of the electric meter and base
    • Safety checks for grounding
    • Review of circuit breakers and fuses
    • Examination of switches and receptacles
  • Plumbing System Inspection:
    • Operation of the water main supply shutoff
    • Inspection of the water heating system
    • Evaluation of indoor water supply, including fixtures and toilets
    • Drainage checks for sinks, tubs, and showers
    • Functionality assessment of the sump pump (if accessible)
  • Interior Overview:
    • Examination of doors and windows within the house
    • Assessment of flooring condition
    • Identification of visible issues with walls and ceilings
    • Inspection of attic insulation
  • Appliance Inspection:
    • Functionality assessment of major appliances
    • Examination of kitchen and bathroom fixtures
  • Safety Checks:
    • Verification of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
    • Consideration of general safety aspects
  • Additional Services:
    • Radon evaluation
    • Mold air testing
    • Termite inspection

Why pick Insight Inspections for your Arlington, VA home purchase?

Simple. We’re thorough, reliable, and committed to your peace of mind. Our team provides clear insights into your prospective home, helping you make an informed decision.

Don’t skip the home inspection step – it’s your key to a confident and secure home purchase in Arlington, VA.

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